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Hey there, welcome to my personal site. I'm Silvio Porcellana and I basically build websites for fun and profit. Type *help* to know how to browse this site, or click on the white links to navigate and learn *whoami*

I also create courses to help people become better at developing, designing and marketing websites - check them out here if you are interested: https://academy.silvioporcellana.com

Enjoy! :-)


You could call me a web entrepreneur - I've got many products and *projects* launched, some successfully, some meh, some to great failures - but in reality I just like to create stuff that people use and my skills, history and passion allow me to do so by writing (mostly bad) code.

So, I spend my working hours maintaining my main project, https://www.themavensystem.com/, and thinking about ways to transform what I like to do in something that can feed me and my family.

In the end, the three things that make me professionally happy are exploring problems and solutions, solving technical challenges to transform those solutions into actual products and watching people enjoy and get value out of those things that I built.

Does that make me an entrepreneur? Who knows... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯