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Se preferisci la versione in italiano vai su http://silvioporcellana.it

Silvio Porcellana

Web developer, CTO, marketer, entrepreneur.

Hi there, and welcome to my personal site.

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If you want to get in touch for business partnerships, web consultancies, crazy ideas or because you cracked the Cicada 3301 enigma feel free to write me at silvio.porcellana@gmail.com.

Se parli italiano puoi andare su http://silvioporcellana.it (dove trovi anche i miei esperimenti di Interactive Fiction)


A small time geek on his way to become an entrepreneur

The first time I touched a computer was in 1985. I was 10 and it was an MSX attached to a green "P1" phosphor screen.

The first time I got paid for doing a website was when my online stock trading simulation - "Fantastock" it was called and I wrote it all in Perl, I'm still quite proud of it - got bought by a London-based company called MyVal in 1999. Right before it went bust in the (first) dot-com meltdown.

It was good until it lasted, but it didn't last long.

In 2002 I became the CTO of Trovanome.it. I didn't enjoy it too much - "I want to be my own boss" I kept telling to myself, not having married yet - so I quit after 1 year and a half. I then wasted enjoyed some time for a couple of years (in 2003 I watched 202 movies. Yikes.), got engaged in 2004, a dog in 2005, my first child in 2006 and funded with 3 friends "Opus Digitalis" in late 2008.

We did some sort of SEO/real estate/web development stuff and it was big fun - our office was 1 minute away from the Pantheon - but we had revenues in line with the ones of an ice cream vendor in Alaska. So in 2011 I left Rome with the family, moved back to my hometown and created 'mobisit'.

And that's how I became an entrepreneur. Which means that I spend my days thinking how I can grow my business, build better features, make my customers happier and earn some money. But mostly checking my email for that offer I can't refuse.

In the meantime I always enjoy typing stuff and writing code on a thing possibly attached to a (phosphor) screen so if you are looking for a web developer totally marketing-oriented and completely focused on Getting Things Done check out 'what' I can do for you or have a look at my past, present and future 'projects'.

Here's a roughly chronologically ordered list of projects, ideas and ventures I've been working on since I was 18.

FantaStock (and then tradeOver)

I wanted to learn Perl and the best way to do it seemed to me to actually *build* something with it. So I created an online stock trading simulation and I called it FantaStock: you could buy and sell real stocks and compete against other users in a weekly portfolio performance chart. A few years later (we are talking 2002 here), after the original one had been bought and swallowed by a London-based startup, I created another similar game - tradeOver - where you actually bought ETF's, raw materials, currencies and a few other things. It was fun to build and for the over 8,000 active users I guess also quite fun to play.


This was my first big(ger) project where I was totally in charge of managing the technical side of a large scale website. It also gave me a glimpse of what it means to run an online venture. And I liked it, so I decided to quit and create my own startup. (BTW the site is still alive and kicking at http://www.euweb.it/ and from what I can tell the backend is still mostly what I wrote)

SEO Italy and Opus Digitalis

Working with friends is the best thing you can do in your life. Or better, working and *earning* with friends. With SEO Italy and all the other projects we created at Opus Digitalis we never made much money but it was really big fun doing them. A few things I worked on while being cofounder and CTO there:

- SEO Italy: SEO/web marketing consultancy, one of the coolest thing I did was creating a network of Blogspot, Wordpress and Tumblr blogs to boost the ranking of our customers' keywords. DON'T DO THIS, but it was fun back then (and it kinda worked)

- Beatrome: apartments / hotels booking in Rome. The quest here was integrating with the XML system by HotelBeds (no, it's not that XML, I don't know why they call it that way...) and creating a complete booking system for hotels. Technically it was working, we sold 1 reservation in 2 years. Ouch.

HTML5 Today

HTML5 is probably one of the best things ever invented after the World Wide Web. I've been involved in this technology - or better, this set of technologies - quite soon and I decided to create a blog about it. You can see it at http://html5today.it (it's in Italian) and even if I am not giving much attention to the site now it's still averaging about 300 visitors per day. I was lucky enough to meet some very cool people while developing and managing the site - first of all a guy named Francesco Sciuti which is simply too awesome to be true - and I plan on going back and adding some new articles to the blog. Someday.


Tacatì was a very interesting project - technically and as a venture - for which I have been the CTO / lead developer / growth hacker / SEO guru / UX expert / laundry boy. It was a startup launched in my hometown with the idea of allowing local small grocery stores easily sell their stuff online. The founders got a quite good coverage by the media, the startup received €1,000,000 in funding (at least, that's what they were promised) and it failed a couple of months thereafter. Nonetheless, it was fun and interesting working with them and dealing - not directly, but still - with one of the largest VC's in Italy.


Ok, this is my online baby.

mob.is.it is an online tool for building mobile websites and native apps. It started as a learning project for Sencha Touch and it morphed into a full fledged startup (hey, it's even incorporated in Delaware!) with the goal of helping people easily create a mobile website ("the mobile web for everyone" was my original claim)

In time and in order to make a bit more money I "pivoted" (oh yeah! I'm a f*cking startupper!) to make it a more B2B oriented SaaS service where agencies, marketers and resellers buy our technology, use it to build mobile websites and native apps and then resell them to their customers.

Wanna try it out? It's free at http://mob.is.it


Did you like my story and list of projects? Want to get in touch? Just 'contact' me, it's that easy!

I am the guy who Gets Things Done®.

Whether it's a small Wordpress-based website for a local business or a complex IT project involving web, mobile, wearable technologies, growth hacks and the management of developers, marketers and designers, I am the one who gets it done.

As you can see in my 'projects' I've always exceeded customers expectations, no matter who the customer was: a young startup, a local crossfit gym owner, a large corporation needing a Google Glass custom app. Or me.

So here's a list of thing you can contact me for:

Small sites development

Thruth is, I enjoy writing code and creating websites. So even if you are a small vegan shop in Nebraska or a Yoga teacher in Kuala Lumpur and you need a website to get more exposure, visitors and business, drop me a line at silvio.porcellana@gmail.com. I'm sure you will enjoy working with me.

CTO for your startup or web based business

I've been the technical lead of so many web projects and businesses that I faced and overcame pretty much all of the challenges, obstacles and problems a web-based venture encounters. So if you are just getting your startup off the ground or you finally decided to take the Web seriously, 'contact' me now for a chat: I'll tell what you need, who's the rigth team, when you need it and how you want it. And then, if you like me and I like you, I'll have it delivered to your front door.

Hi-tech SEO / web marketing consultant

I'm a rare breed of marketer, rarely seen in the wild. I know how to code (well) but I don't live in a cubicle wearing Star Trek hoodies and chatting only with fellow Redditors. If you need a couple (or more) of cool hacks and some web marketing advices that will help your online business grow organically, naturally and sustainably get in touch at silvio.porcellana@gmail.com: I'll give you something your customers will love and your sales department will not even believe.


Did you find anything interesting? If so, 'contact' me now, or check out my 'projects' to see what I've been involved with lately.

You can follow me on Twitter at https://twitter.com/silvioporcellan or circle me on Google Plus at https://www.google.com/+SilvioPorcellana.

My LinkedIn profile is at http://it.linkedin.com/in/silvioporcellana/.

The best way to contact me (and the best social network I've ever used) is by email. You can write me at silvio.porcellana@gmail.com.

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